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Методические указания по переводу для студентов III курса. I часть (английский язык)

Составитель И.Н. Рукина. 
МФТИ, 2002., 44 с.

Ex. 1. Mind the translation of the Passive Voice.
1. The charge of an atom is not affected by the number of neutrons present, but depends on the balance between electrons and protons.
2. The results of the third experiment, unlike the other two, have been affected by ambient temperature.
3. The program will be effected with the aid of numerical analysis technique.
4. Simulating the reaction was not effected for lack of suitable computing devices.
5. The angular momentum of an object is proportional to its rotational velocity and also influenced by the distribution of its mass.
6. Sound levels are acted upon by the loss of energy upon reflection.
7. In atomic reactions the appearance and disappearance of an electron-positron pair is accompanied by an energy change of 106 electron volts, that is more than 105 times greater than the energy available in chemical reactions.
8. A transition from one phase to another (solid, liquid, vapour) is accomplished by a change in temperature, pressure, density and volume.
9. A great deal of research is being done to reduce the expenses of mini computer production.
10. At Fermilab the main proton synchrotron has been modified by addition of superconducting magnets that will double its energy.
11. The immediate effect of temperature has not yet been accounted for.
12. The system of molecules is governed by the laws of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, where an important role is ascribed to temperature and entropy.
13. We are guided by the laws of conservation and transformation of energy in describing natural phenomena.
14. An appreciable distortion (искажение) of the signal has been brought about by the environmental conditions.
15. In spite of the unfavourable operating conditions appropriate precautions are taken to avoid the trouble.
16. Care is taken to overcome the difficulties in adjusting the device.
17. Moreover, no provision has been made to prevent the leakage of plasma, (to make provision - принять меры предосторожности)
18. We are perfectly aware of the fact that this theory will be dealt with in the course of bulky calculations.
19. No advantage can be taken of this law providing it is applied to low temperature.
20. In this event there are several apparent discrepancies but only a few are referred to here.
21. The principle that constitutes the basis of programming on a computer has been frequently referred to.
22. Metallic conductors cooled to a very low temperature have been referred to as superconducting.
23. This principle is referred to as a guiding principle of programming and may be relied upon in writing a program.
24. The spin vector of these elementary particles can have only two directions which are usually referred to as v4ip" and "down".
25. The abrupt disappearance of all resistance to electric current in some metals at very low temperature has been referred to as superconductivity.
Ex. 2. Mind the translation of the verbs "to follow" and "to
precede" in the Passive Voice.__
Г- следовать за кем-, чем-либо to follow   ^ - придерживаться (теории, метода и г.д.)
- наблюдать, следить за кем-, чем-либо to precede    - предшествовать_
1. This process can readily be followed with conventional methods.
2. He thinks he is being followed.
3. The discovery of the electron was followed by the investigation of its properties (mass, charge and velocity).
4. This operation has been naturally followed by writing an equation where N is substituted by the assumed number of particles.
5. The production of two hadrons has been followed by a doubling of the energy required to create a charmed particle.
6. Neutron capture by a nitrogen nucleus is sometimes followed by immediate emission of a proton.
7. No matter which of these approaches is followed, we shan't be able to anticipate the ultimate (окончательный) result.
8. The book is preceded by a short biography of the author.
9. An unambiguous proof was preceded by an assumption that Thomas-Fermi model cannot lake into account the covalent bond (связь) between atoms.
10. A new advance in biophysics has been preceded by an adequate explanation of some phenomena in molecular physics.(.....)


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